Automatic Camera Identifier and Downloader (ACID) - Windows, OSX and Ubuntu Linux

This is the English version of the ACID Download Page. There's a German version here and a Spanish version here.

If you are interested in making other translated versions of ACID available, please see the ACID Internationalisation page.

ACID will download an SDM or CHDK build, but will not install it. To download and install a build, use my ASSIST app (for SDM) or STICK app (for CHDK). Both run under Mac OSX, Windows and Ubuntu Linux.

Acid is a Java application designed to simplify the process of getting an SDM, CHDK (stable or trunk) or CHDK-DE build for your Canon camera. All you have to do is:

  1. take a picture with the camera
  2. put the camera card into a card reader
  3. run Acid and drag the photo from the card and drop it onto the Acid window. If for any reason the drag-and-drop fails, use the Browse JPEGS button to locate and load the photo.

Acid will then:

A few cameras, currently:

require special treatment. See this page for more details.

Acid requires version 1.4 or later of the Java Runtime. If you don't have Java installed, here is the official download site for Windows and Linux. For recent versions of Mac OSX (Yosemite and later) you need to install legacy Java 6 from Apple here..

If you want to install a build then my ASSIST (SDM) or STICK (CHDK) apps will do the whole job for you.

The image below shows the Acid window. As you can see, the photo dropped was taken with a Canon Powershot s90. The buttons show that there are builds of all five types - SDM, CHDK (stable and trunk), German CHDK-DE (stabile and experimentelles) versions. The "Download stable CHDK" button has been pressed and the build has been downloaded and unzipped.

Click on a field or button to get help about it.

To install Acid just download the appropriate file.

Note: the tables ACID uses are checked daily against the content of the three download sites (SDM, CHDK and CHDK-DE).

Version History:

Many thanks to Drew Noakes for his MetaData Extractor java package here and to Ger Vermeulen for the tables of Canon Makernotes Exif information he maintains here.

Thanks to Sebastian Scholle the source code of ACID is now available on GitHub.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports welcome.

All my apps are freeware, but if you've found them useful and would like to thank the author, you can make a donation (for example £1, €1 or $1) to show your appreciation for the many hours spent working on them!

For other SDM and CHDK-related stuff of mine, see here

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