BAFFLE - Browse a pair of Files with Limited Editing

Exactly 30 years ago, starting in January 1984, I wrote a program called CABLE - "Compare And Browse with Limited Editing". It was a PC DOS program, written in 8088 Assembler, that let you examine and patch files up to 128MB in size though at the time the largest disk available for the PC was the 10MB one on the PC/XT. Here's a screen image of CABLE in action, comparing two binary files (actually, two different versions of itself):

It was the first large PC program I'd written (some 6200 lines), was distributed widely both inside and outside IBM (see the note at the bottom of this page), and was also one of the first tools available for OS/2 (I converted it during a two-week stint at Boca Raton in June 1986, a year or so before OS/2 was released - it was actually called CP/DOS back then). Surprisingly, many people still occasionally find it useful. You can download it from here. However, during January 2014 I became aware that CABLE didn't run under Windows 7 (though it had run happily on all previous versions). I'd several times thought of re-rewriting it in java (so it would run under OSX and Linux as well as Windows) and this was just the stimulus I needed to do it.

BAFFLE - Browse a pair of Files with Limited Editing - is the result. It's functionally very similar to CABLE and offers pretty much all of the features that CABLE did:

Note that BAFFLE, like CABLE, is not a proper editor. You can't create new files or add or delete bytes from existing files - merely patch or alter selected bytes.

For help on installing and using BAFFLE see here

Here's a picture of it running on my iMac:

Another Version!

In January 2016 I got an email from Claudio Dal Zovo, an IBM customer in Italy who was given a copy of CABLE back in 1985. When he recently found it didn't work under Windows 7 he wrote his own version, which is much closer to CABLE than BAFFLE is. You can download his version here.

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