SDMInst - an installer for SDM (and CHDK) under Mac OSX

SDMInst is a Java application designed to install SDM or CHDK on a Mac OSX machine. Currently it works under all versions of OSX from Panther (10.3) to Lion (10.7). It also requires version 1.4 or later of the Java Runtime.

Note for Mountain Lion (10.8) Users. Mountain Lion requires root access to make changes to cards. As a result, SDMInst will fail with a "permission refused" message unless it has root access. To run SDMInst under Mountain Lion, download this zip file and unzip it. You'll get a folder called SDMInstML which contains an sdminst.command script and two class files. Double-clicking the script will bring up a terminal window and sudo will ask you to type your logon password so SDMInst can get root access. SDMInst will run when you press return.

You may find my ACID app useful in identifying and downloading a suitable build.

The image below shows the SDMInst main window. Click on a field or button to get help about it.

To download the SDMInst App, click here.

Version History:

Additional Features

SDMInst has some extra features that can be enabled by changing its properties file, "", (which you will find in the same folder as the app once you've run it). These features are:

The source code of SDMInst is available here.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports welcome.

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For other SDM and CHDK-related stuff of mine, see here and here.

Thanks to cowboytronic for the bash script which inspired this App.