Installing CHDK on a Canon N Facebook Camera

The Canon "Powershot N" and "Powershot N Facebook" cameras not only have an external difference (the Facebook button) but they also have different firmware. As a result, they require different builds of CHDK. However, photos taken with the two models are identical - there's nothing in the EXIF information to distinguish them.

As a result, if you take photo with the Powershot N Facebook and try to use it with STICK to install CHDK, it will instead create a card that will only work with the Powershot N camera.

To install CHDK on a Powershot N Facebook camera you must:

  1. download the latest version of STICK (1.10 - August 2014)
  2. download the specially-prepared "photo" on the right
  3. drop the photo on the latest version of STICK

You should find that STICK recognises the photo as having been taken with the Powershot N Facebook Edition and will thus download the right build.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports welcome.

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