Simple Tool for Installing CHDK (STICK)
for Windows, OSX and Linux (Ubuntu)


Installing an unsupported build

STICK was designed to simplify the task of installing 'supported' CHDK builds, that is builds from one of the four websites that hold builds that are the result of running the build process on tested source code. STICK uses tables I maintain for ACID that link cameras to zip files on the official build website.

Sometimes you may want to install a build that is not yet completely tested and has not migrated to one of the official download sites. This webpage tells you how to do this:

  1. first you need to determine the firmware version of your camera - you can use STICK to to do this, though it will at this stage tell you that there is no supported build. Let's suppose the version is "102c".
  2. next you have to download the zipfile containing the build in question - presumably pointed to by a porting thread on the CHDK Forum.
  3. having downloaded the zip file, copy it to the folder containing STICK and rename it to: 
    That is to the string 'test' followed by the firmware version of your camera.
  4. finally, run STICK again.

This time STICK should find the zip file, check that it has a name matching the firmware version of your camera and unzip the zip file ready to instal it on a card. STICK should then display that it is at "Step 3: Analyse Card", and you should be able to successfully prepare a card and install the build.

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