ClickPAN-SDM Scripting

Welcome to the ClickPAN-SDM script website. The clickPAN-SDM is a versatile device that lets uBASIC scripts running in an SDM-capable Canon camera control two servos. One of its primary uses is for Kite Aerial Photography or KAP. The typical KAP rig has servos to pan and tilt the camera and some means of triggering the shutter. Using a clickPAN-SDM, scripts running in the camera can be used to pan and/or tilt the rig as photos are taken - autonomous behaviour that is often referred to as "AutoKAP".

There are a number of resources related to the ClickPAN-SDM here - I hope you find them useful. Click here to download the guide to Scripting the ClickPAN-SDM. Click here to download a zip file of the sample scripts.

There are also videos of the ClickPAN-SDM in action.

Here is a YouTube video of my new A650 rig running the 360PT.BAS script &minus taking 4 photos at different tilts at each pan step (what TUCIT's called "4 Level Panning").

And here is a YouTube video of the rig running the 360PD.BAS script - taking photos at a fixed tilt with every fifth shot looking straight down (what TUCIT's called "Pan Lookdown (f5)").
Here's a video of a PAP (Pole Aerial Photography) rig by Tom Gautier ("PokyTom")

A typical ClickPAN-SDM Rig.

For more information about the ClickPAN-SDM hardware, take a look at James Gentles' website. The ClickPAN-SDM will also be available from Broox and Peter Bults.

For more about SDM, see the SDM website.

For other SDM and CHDK-related stuff of mine, see here and here.

February 9th 2011: thanks to detective work by David Harding, fixes for two bugs (in 90P.BAS and 90PD.BAS) and various timing tweaks to some of the scripts have been added. If you're a ClickPanSDM user, please download the latest version of the zip file.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports welcome.